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Chairs To Go With Tulip Table


What is a tulip table?

The Saarinen tulip table is the ultimate modern icon. It has a sleek, almost sculptural build that is able to fit into any nook and cranny, no matter how small. The first tulip table has a round top in white marble surface along with a single stem-shaped leg that gives it an almost minimalistic look. The idea of the tulip table design was to get rid of the ‘slum of legs’ underneath any conventional table.

This table has a very specific design, and traditionally, hardcore modernists always pair it up with its accompanying ‘womb’ tulip chair, which was also designed by Eero Saarinen. However, times have changed. Matching table-sets and accoutrements are no longer fashionable. You have to get creative with mixing and matching the tables with the chairs.

Tulip table has a unique design, but it also has a pretty versatile aesthetic. This means that there are many kinds of chairs that this table can be paired up with. Thus further, we will be going over a few chair designs that you can pair up with your tulip table.

What chairs go with tulip table?

Wishbone Chair

What is the Wishbone Chair?

Wishbone Chair


Delicate and innovative, the wishbone chair was the first in a series designed by Hans J. Wegner. It has an intricate and dainty design that is pretty unique. Wegner designed the wishbone chair for Carl Hensen & Son in 1950, and it has been in continuous production ever since.

 Wegner designed this chair after being inspired by the portraits of Danish merchants sitting in Chinese Ming Dynasty chairs. The design of the wishbone chair was especially iconic because it was the first design of its kind in which the top rails and the arms were combined in a single, united piece. This made for a delicate Y-shaped back that resembles an actual wishbone in design. 

The wishbone structure of this chair makes for a stable product design. It is comfortable and stylish, with the unique ability to be paired up with tables of many styles. 

Why does Wishbone Chair go along with tulip table?

The design of the wishbone chair would be perfectly suited to go with the tulip table. This is because the tulip table has an almost homogenous structure – it presents itself as a single entity. In comparison, the wishbone chair has a similar aesthetic, but instead of seeming like a single entity, it actually looks quite the opposite. The intricate style of the wishbone chair looks almost flimsy when paired up with the tulip table this complements the physique of both products. Additionally, the wishbone chair around the tulip table would be especially charming because it will not look as solid and is visually hindering.

Cherner Chair

What is the Cherner Chair?

Norman Chair


The cherner chair is an icon of midcentury-modern designs. It has a beautiful physique that defines the start of the post-modern era. It features a biomorphic shape and is constructed completely in plywood. It is an armchair that combines the best parts of designing with molded plywood combined with solid bent wood.

It is available in a number of finishes. From natural walnut to ebony or white lacquer, there is no finish the new generation cherner chair is not available in. It features a comfortable design paired with a unique biomorphic form, and will look absolutely stunning when paired up with a tulip table.

Why does Cherner Chair go along with tulip table?

The reason the cherner chair will pair well with a tulip table is because both these products have a decidedly distinctive aesthetic. While the cherner chair stands out because of its unique most-modern style, the tulip table emulates some of the most iconic stylings of late modernism. Together, this table-chair set will encompass a completely juxtaposed aesthetic that is extremely complementary to each other.

Louis Ghost Chair

What is the Louis Ghost Chair?

Ghost Armchair Louis


Combining history with post-modern innovation, the ghost chair features a diaphanous build that is the epitome of contemporary. Designed by Philippe Starck for Kartell, the ghost chair is a reinvention of the Louis VVI armchair of ye old. It features a completely contemporary build and is a stark contrast to the tradition of the old style. 

Philippe Stark took inspiration of geometry and basic linear formation of the original chair and redefined its typical tradition into a futuristic icon. It consists of a transparent body that has been designed into a shape with transparent injection-molded polycarbonate. The Louis ghost chair is sturdy and comfortable with a great balance to boot! 

Why does it go along with tulip table?

The Louis ghost chair can pair nicely with the tulip table. Both have a distinct post-modern feel that complements each other’s styling. The transparency of the Louis ghost chair gives this table-chair pairing an extra oomph. The best part is that this setting can be set up in a small alcove without taking too much of physical and visual space. They balance each other out perfectly and look very harmonious together.

Eames Eiffel Chair

What is the Eames Eiffel Chair?

DSW Molded Plastic Side Chair

The Eames Eiffel chair features an organic and comfortable design that also has the added benefit of being original. It is molded from Plastic and consists of a Wooden Dowel Base. The overall design is exceptionally unique and original. This chair has been dubbed the ‘Eames Eiffel Chair’ because its organic seat made from polypropylene is held up by an Eiffel Tower style base. 

This chair is especially comfortable because it effortlessly molds around the contours of the body. It is also pretty versatile in aesthetic and can be used either in homes, offices or even commercial spaces.

Why does Eames Eiffel Chair go along with tulip table?

The Eames Eiffel chair come tulip table combination is an inspired one. Both products have a unique and distinctive design. But while the tulip table is almost minimalistic in aesthetic, there is something very compelling about the Eiffel-tower inspired legs of the chair. Together, the contradicting styles of the two products create a very alluring design that would look absolutely lovely in any interior design setting.

Tolix Chair

What is the Tolix Chair?

Tolix Chair

The very first of its kind, the Tolix chair was lovingly dubbed the café chair. Designed by Xavier Pauchard, this chair was molded from galvanized steel and offers a tall, intriguing design that is both elegant as well as sturdy. It is a well-known fact that it takes 100 manual operations to create a single Tolix chair. 80 years later and Tolix has become a renowned name in the furniture design industry.

The Tolix chair features an original concept that emphasizes raw materials with playful styling. It is an exemplary synthesis of metalwork and modern conceptualization. The Tolix chair has a very idiosyncratic style that has to be paired carefully with table designs that will complement its new-age physique. 

Why does Tolix Chair go along with tulip table?

The tulip table may have a unique, sculptural concept but it is relatively simple looking in design. The Tolix chair on the other hand also has a sculptural quality to its design, but it also has a peculiar design that will not look very nice with a table that has too many legs. So when you pair up the Tolix chair with the tulip table, you get a unique dining-set combo that is stand-out and complimentary even with all its contradictions.

Bertoia Chair

What is the Bertoia Chair?

Bertoia Chair


Knoll has always been a pioneer of product design and the bertoia chair is no exception. The bertoia chair features a parametric geometric design that teeters into the hyperbolic category. It comes in a design that breaks boundaries even in the contemporary design world. It has an innovative design that is both comfortable as well as resilient.Its intricate filigree aesthetic may look delicate but is extremely sturdy. It molds against the contours of the body and makes for an extremely relaxing seating experience. 

The bertoia chair exudes a graceful elegance that exemplifies its mid-century biomorphic physique. It comes with a seat pad with an optional back padding if you choose. Its strength and durability are truly exemplary.

Why does Bertoia Chair go along with tulip table?

Once again, the simplicity of the tulip table plays a huge role in highlighting the bold aesthetics of the bertoia chair. While the tulip table has a homogenous design, the filigree patterns of the chair create an interesting juxtaposition. But the contrast between the two concepts is extremely complementary. The complicated design of the bertoia chair perfectly complements the simplicity of the tulip table, which is why these two products would go along in a single interior design setting pretty well.

Emeco Navy Chair

What is the Emeco Navy Chair?

Emeco Chair

While the conception of the Emeco Navy chair was purely functional, it has now become a renowned design. This chair was first designed to be installed in submarines back in 1944 and has been continuously produced ever since. It features a clean design that fits in extremely well under the category of futuristic design. With its simple build and even simpler design, the Emeco Navy chair is the epitome of functionality and comfort. 

The Emeco Navy chair is handcrafted from soft, recycled aluminum and then welded come tempered to strength. It is durable and sturdy. It will last a long time, both because of its resilient build and universally pleasant design style.

Why does Emeco Navy Chair go along with tulip table?

The Emeco Navy chair has been built in the image of a classic chair. Although it has a unique design, at first glance it is hard to put a finger on its distinct design. Therefore, the universality of this chair design is what complements the tulip table. They go hand-in-hand with each other – effortless elegance without any frou-frou accoutrements to hinder the aesthetic.

Tulip Chair

What is the Tulip Chair?

Tulip Chair


Eero Saarinen, the mastermind behind the tulip table himself designed the tulip chairs specifically to complete this dining table set. This is why it has a similar build and a complementary design to the tulip table. The tulip chairs were highly experimental and are still considered a pioneering design of the industrial movement. It’s almost biomorphic build is very ‘space-age’ canny. You’d be sure to find something like this in an old Star Trek rerun. 

Why does Tulip Chair go along with tulip table?

The tulip chairs were designed especially to go with the tulip table design. Even their build and construct are the same. Just like the tulip table, the base and top of the tulip chair are separate entities but feature a united front. The base is made up of cast-aluminum with rilsan-coated finish while the seat is made from molded fiber glass. It is a sturdy chair unit with an excellent design. Together, the tulip table and chairs make a futuristic statement that will fit in any modern style interior design with grace and style.

Over To You

The Tulip table goes along with many different chairs. It is not limited to any one single chair design, which exemplifies the versatility of its design and aesthetic.  The tulip table has been designed to complement even the most complicated of chair styles. So do not be afraid to play mix-and-match with your tulip table to find your dream chairs.

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