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7 reasons why


We consider each table to be a work of art, each marble has unique mineral veins which make a carefully selected marble table so beautiful. We have selected 4 white marble stones: Italian Carrara, Greek Volakis, Italian Calacatta Gold and Italian Arabescato and 1 black marble: Italy black Carrara which exhibits the most natural veins and architectural elegance.

To highlight its natural veins, when we cut a giant marble slab, instead of trying to maximize the quantity we can get from each slab, we start by premarking the cut line while selecting only the highest quality portions of the slab to preserve the natural beauty of the marble grain.


Our company is devoted to crafting the highest quality products on the market. We source the finest raw marble stone (Double A Grade) directly from quarries in Carrara, Cavan Veronese, and Fermignano in Italy.

Going through stringent quality assurance procedures, we hand-pick only the best 20% of marble pieces from a giant stone slab and cut it with precision to preserve the natural beauty of the marble grain. By having the best partitions of the marble slab, our marbles are free from chips, cracks. Most of the production procedures are operated by the most advanced digitally controlled machines, while the final steps such as edge finishing & surface treatment will be completed by hand by our craftsmen. The marble tops are coated multiple times, and then have a proprietary custom finish applied as the final step to prevent use-related stains.

Made from aluminum, the Tulip Table base is a perfect combination of function and design. The streamlined effect leaves plenty of leg room under the table. Single piece cast aluminum is used because of its strength as well as its lighter construction.


Ecommerce has completely transformed consumer shopping habits. Social media and Web2.0 sites & apps allow consumers to instantly tap into the latest trends and hot products from designers and vendors anywhere in the world.

We are able to source the finest raw marble from the original marble! Partnered with our craftsmen, we set up own workshop in China which has the most matured /completed industry chain & the most advance technology, which means we are able to cut out the agency and offer competitive pricing.

Hence, we do not have showroom, all of our products are offered exclusively online which means you are not trapped by the unnecessary layers. We believe that this is the way online shipping is supposed to be done; with efficiency & transparency.


With strong ties to logistics supply chains, we have incredible discounts on the shipping cost which we are able to pass on to our customers as an additional savings! We are happy to be able to provide delivery of your tulip table in a heavy duty wooden crate to your door across the continental U.S. and Canada at no additional cost.

Yes! Free shipping!

Most of our tulip tables are in stock, ready to ship within 48-72 (business) hours.


A real guarantee! All of our tulip tables come with a 3 year warranty which covers the base and top. It includes everything except normal wear and tear. Here are some detailed examples:

  • If for some reason the table top cracks, then we will send you the new replacement!
  • If for some reason the color just fades – changes to yellow or brown, we will send you the new replacement!
  • If for some reason the base bent, we will send you the new replacement!

We will do our best to make things right if you are not satisfied.

Peace of Mind

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to marble vein patterns. After all, it’s like a piece of art! So what happens if you do not like the marble vein pattern that you received? We do not want surprises either! Every single one of our tulip tables has been inventoried with a unique serial number and detailed pictures of your future tulip table. You are able to select your preferred vein characteristics from the actual pictures prior to finalizing your order!

The Difference

The majority of the tulip table reproductions on the market are made from low grade stone which is evident in the uniform color – 80% of the table surface is grey and contains very little natural marble veins. Our version contains mostly natural marble veins in white.

The edge is the most difficult part & a key design element in a round marble top. All our table edges have been hand-finished to produce a beveled infinity edge. This creates a smooth, sharp looking edge with the structural integrity of solid marble.

Surprisingly the base is the most dangerous/easy part to get scratched, and not the table top. Our cast-aluminum base has a signature polyurethane finish applied to the lacquer for greater durability and scratch resistance.

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