Fiberglass Classic Panton Chair

  • 100% molded fiberglass (GRP) shell with high-gloss finish
  • Stackable
+- Description

The Panton chair is the world's first single material, single formed chair to be constructed. With its S shaped curves, the Panton chair is truly a masterpiece with its expressive shape that flows elegantly alongside the Tulip Table.

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To ship products to the US & Canada, we offer free shipping no matter how large your ordered product is. You will also have an option to upgrade from standard curbside delivery to white glove delivery for an additional $250.

Deliveries to some remote areas in Canada and the United States may be charged extra.

  • Standard Free: Delivery to Ground floor/front door. Our delivery personnel will bring your items to the front door or the closest possible ground floor location (such as the lobby). They will not go upstairs or enter the residence (due to liability reasons).
  • White glove delivery $250: Inside delivery/delivered to residence. The delivery team will bring your items into the room of your choice. They will not take the packaging material away as these may be needed in case of Returns.
+- Guarantee

Our company is devoted to crafting the highest quality products on the market. We source the finest raw marble stone (Double A Grade) directly from quarries in Cavaion Veronese & Fermignano in Italy and the Northern area of Greece.

Going through stringent quality assurance procedures, we hand-pick only the best 20% of marble pieces from a giant stone slab and cut it with precision to preserve the natural beauty of the marble grain. By having the best partitions of the marble slab, our marbles are free from chips, cracks and have no marble filler. Most of the production procedures are operated by the most advanced digitally controlled machines, while the final steps such as edge finishing & surface treatment will be completed by hand by our craftsmen. The marble tops are coated multiple times, and then have a proprietary custom finish applied as the final step to prevent use-related stains.

Made from aluminum, the Tulip Table base is a perfect combination of function and design. The streamlined effect leaves plenty of leg room under the table. Single piece cast aluminum is used because of its strength as well as its lighter construction.

**Note: Please be aware that actual colors may vary from those shown on your screen.

**Note: All measurements are approximate as manufacturing can vary exact measurements slightly.
Product Dimension

How to select your desired Table Top on the Tulip Table webpage?


Everyone has their own preference when it comes to marble vein patterns. After all, it's like a piece of art! Every single one of our tulip tables has been inventoried with a unique serial number and detailed pictures of the marble veining.

On our website, we offer a selection of Style numbers as shown:

Simply click on the style number, in which you are able to view the actual marble vein at the top of the webpage.

Product Dimension
$710.00 | $495.00

How to identify a High Quality Marble Slab?


Over the years, the Tulip style table has been an iconic staple in people’s homes, in which there have been various types of replicas have been produced. They may all look similar; however, if you look more closely you can notice the differences in details. Throughout the years, our interior design team has done extensive research on the various qualities of all types of Tulip table marbles/finishes. While there is no absolute guide when it comes to the various marble slabs available on the open market, based on our personal experience here are some tips on how to differentiate between high and lower quality marbles:

    1. Inspect the surface of the marble! Holes and cracks are indeed a natural, organic attribute of genuine marble stone. However, the type of fill utilized is quite important. Notice that if there are some dull patches on the polished surface, the marble may have contained some type of cheap fill (resin) in the holes/fissures. This would not produce a smooth surface. This is indicative of a lower quality marble in which these types of slabs should be avoided
    2. Look underneath the marble slab! If the back of the slab is completely white (with no natural veining) underneath, then it is not an authentic marble stone. You should be able to notice the natural veins throughout the entire slab. Also take note to make sure there are no binding components holding the marble slab together. This is what is produced when two separate pieces of marble are glued together.
    3. Check the coloration! Each marble slab is absolutely unique. There will be different shading/veining characteristics on each slab. This is a true result of various mineral impurities mix with the original limestone. Other composite materials can mimic a strong grey swirl appearance, however, it will not display the depth and dimension that a naturally occurring vein of an actual marble stone.
    4. Feel the surface of the marble! One of the most reliable methods is taking note of the surface temperature. Authentic marble stone is quite cool to the touch!

At Tulip Table, we handpick only the best 20% of marble slabs from quarries in Italy and Greece which meet our quality standards. The slabs are cut with precision to preserve the unblemished beauty of the natural marble grain. We have our own workshop in which we are able to control the quality of every single piece we ship.

Feel free to contact our customer service team to learn more about our Tulip Style Tables!

Packaging and shipping of the Tulip Table


Our mission at Tulip Table is to provide you with the best quality table on the open market and an integral part of that is ensuring your order is delivered to you in pristine condition.

We take pride in our packaging materials and our qualified logistics team has extensive experience crating and shipping large furniture items all over North America! All of our tables are meticulously wood crated. The wood packaging is eco-friendly and heat treated. The table top and base is secured internally with a custom molded Styrofoam as well as thick foam sheets for ultimate protection.

Our furniture is not stacked in transit, which is a service we request directly from our logistics company. This minimizes the risk of damage. We also try to ensure our goods hand handled properly. We utilize a sensor monitor on each order which is attached to the package itself. Should your shipment arrive damaged, the sensor will clearly indicate that it has been mishandled or dropped. *Important Note: Please check your parcel for damages, if any, upon receipt. To be certain there are no damages, you may open your parcel while delivery driver is still on location. If you see damages it would be ideal to take a picture of the damaged box and item, and to report the damage on the BOL (Bill of Lading) or to reject the shipment altogether depending on the damage. Contact us immediately if this issue arises. Tulip table cannot take responsibility for any damages if the above actions were not taken.

When the shipment is delivered to you, it is quite simple to disassemble the crate.  One side is secured with nails and the other with screws.  You simply unscrew the screws and the wood panel is easily removed (no crowbar/hammer required).

Through past shipping experience, we have found that the taking the above actions produce a high percentage of successful shipment deliveries!  If you have further inquiries about our packaging/shipping services, please do not hesitate to contact us at 1-800-208-3443.

How to identify a High Quality Marble Slab?


  1. Inspect the surface of the marble!
  2. Look underneath the marble slab!
  3. Check the coloration!
  4. Feel the surface of the marble!
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Packaging of the tulip table


All of our tables are meticulously wood crated. The wood packaging is eco-friendly and heat treated. The table top and base is secured internally with a custom molded Styrofoam as well as thick foam sheets for ultimate protection.
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